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A Canadian Activist - Jeremy Swanson

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A Canadian Activist - Jeremy Swanson

UNREAD_POSTby MR-H administrator » Fri May 13, 2011 9:09 am

As a once hopeful-and grateful immigrant this report is the result after 10 years in Family court ruled Canada (and all you have to be is male and have a divorcing spouse lie.) Too Easy. They don’t care. I mean look what they have to gain by lying! And they KNOW the judges will blindly believe them. Which they do.
The following figure is the “End of Career/Life in Canada=Losses, Debt, Costs of Family law disaster from February 2001 to February 2011 for JS Swanson. This is not counting money from others to support the writer in the struggle or loss of income. In that time of course we are talking about financial support from several key people without whom this writer would never have survived to fight. And not counting the valuables hitting the trash can as this was written ( to prepare to move to yet another new home,) or the heirlooms and property-including personal items from the house which I never saw again. Of course this financial loss does not even come close to covering the terrible enduring pain in the state kidnapping loss of my children. So thanks Canada for the promise of a new stable life. Thanks for that “equal and fair justice” the immigration books used to “crow” about. That’s what it seemed to be at one point. The reality was a whole lot different. I should have gone somewhere else. I never thought I would see my life reduced to this state in the name of the law.
$429, 756.89 (the equivalent of 2.9 to 3 million South African Rands
Had I stayed in South Africa and never left in the 80’s then this figure, incoming to me, would have represented the cash purchase of a palatial 5,000 sq foot home with all amenities including a swimming pool, all the electronics a man could want, at least two motor cars and all the furniture needed to equip such a home. And there would be money left over for incidentals and extras. I suspect that same amount would have allowed me to be somewhat comfortable in Canada too. But I never got it. I was instead reduced to the gutter and left hungry and in constant need and ill health on welfare.
All that had to happen was for me to have my wife sue for divorce, lie (or have her lawyer lie and negatively speculate in a court before a feminist educated judge and of course be a male in Canada. That was all it needed for me to be wiped out and reduced to poverty. All the while my wife was earning way over $150,000 a year, had all the furniture, (forced and enforced) custody of the children, and had a thriving business which I had helped to start and supported with my government salary. I should have been the once getting spousal support. Instead the court took me-at that stage already on welfare-and took away everything I had to my name. And then left me destitute and sick and without means to fight back. Of course I would have given it all up just to be in the lives of my children and be the loving Dad I once was, but they were the first to be taken by the Feminazi Court.
In my move to Canada in the 80’s I was kind of hoping for another result on the other side of the books but there you have it. And I am not alone of course. It happens all the time. Especially to immigrants. (Canada is run by a social administration of Philosophical Cowards. Its as simple as that. So here’s some advice. DON’T MOVE TO CANADA.
Will the new majority government change any of that? I doubt it. Too many sitting Lawyer-MP’s with a stake in the process of divestment. Too much money to be made off the backs of constituents. And this goes for all parties. Including the Conservatives. Oh and a parting note: The situation is not much better in the UK, the USA, New Zealand or Australia. In many cases it is even worse.

"The care of human life and happiness, and not their destruction, is the first and only legitimate object of good government."
Thomas Jefferson
“For those who fight for it, justice in the battles in family law has a flavour
that the naïve, the disbelieving, the indifferent and the unaffected can never truly know.
Jeremy Swanson
Ottawa, Ontario Canada
(with apologies for the paraphrasing to Edwin “Tim” Craft)
“Fear is a subjective measure, in the opinion of the assessor. I can tell you that I was terrified in my marriage, not just from the occasional physical violence but much more so from the psychological abuse, confusion, isolation and inability to do anything about it. I would have been much less scared of a street fight, where the rules of conflict are clear and there is the possibility of escape. The reality is that nobody cared that I was afraid, because in the eyes of the public I am just a wimp, but a woman who sheds tears will have widespread support. I also have a recording of a police officer threatening me "all she has to do is say she is afraid and you will never see your kids again". I'm afraid every time that I have to talk to her that she will attempt to provoke another argument and confrontation. I continue recording for my own personal protection. I'm scared for my children, but nobody cares because I'm not a woman. The underlying problem is that any form of violence, with or without fear, teaches children to become abusive adults”.
A Canadian Activist
Canada 2010
"The reason for Family Law was to "help" families get over the end of a relationship, and to ensure the children are properly cared for. What has happened is the exact opposite. The average person does not believe that there is a serious problem with Family law. They only realize how bad it is once they get caught in its claws".
A Canadian Activist 2007
"Let me say three things to you today. First,when you go to bed tonight 1.5 million Canadian kids will go to bed without their Dads. And tomorrow several hundred more Canadian Dads across the country will be cast from the lives of their children by "family law" Second, most of you don't give a shit. Third, what's worse is that you're probably more upset with the fact that I said the word shit than the fact that 1.5 million Canadian kids went to bed without their Dads and that tomorrow several hundred more Canadian Dads will be cast from the lives of their children".
Jeremy Swanson
Ottawa, Ontario Canada
(With sincere apologies to the Rev Tony Campolo for my outrageous deliberate paraphrasing of his idea and quote)

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Re: A Canadian Activist - Jeremy Swanson

UNREAD_POSTby outdoors » Fri May 13, 2011 10:24 am

ya gotta like Jeremy-he is true mra

and is the open line for any new mra-you want front line activism this guy is the heavy hand behind a lot of it.

i regret judging him in the past only to read his bio and the hatred of him by the feminist regime which immediately changed my opinion of him.

he has my deepest respect
Canada Hates Men And Does Everything In Its Power To Prove It

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